Joseph Wong

Joseph Wong

The Role of Canadian brands during unprecedented times

06 Dec, 2020

It goes without saying that COVID-19 has a profound impact on all of our lives. Brands are scrambling left and right to allocate resources, maintain order and communicate with their customers in the ever-changing dynamics of this disease.
It is crucially important to understand how, and when to talk to your customers during these difficult times. Talented marketing professionals all around the world like yourself have already made their way into uncharted territory – leaving much inspiration for us to take note of.

Brands should use this time to spread comfort and positivity.

More than ever, we need to show that we understand what our customers are going through. It is a hard time for everyone, and we need to show our customers that we are on their side.

Examples of brands doing this: Etihad Airways | Air Canada | Fendi

Now’s not the time to be opportunistic.

Time to reduce post promotions, awards or in-your-face type communications. Tread carefully as everyone is not in a good mood and these communications could trigger negative reactions from customers. Try not to insert your brand into conversations that they don’t belong in.

Step up and help where possible.

If anything, now is the best time for brands to help in any way they can. Pool resources with a competitor. Provide financial aid. Help funnel communications to those who need it. Donate your product if it makes sense.

Examples of brands doing this: Canada Goose donates $1MM RMB | AIA Insurance offers insurance to Hong Kong’s Street Cleaners

Think about the role your brand can play.

How can you revamp your business model? How can you serve your customers amidst adversity? Can you take things online (if you are an offline business)?

Examples of brands doing this: E-Commerce giant HKTV Mall turns itself into a mask production powerhouse | creates online clubbing experience

There’s no need to stay silent, but know when it’s your turn.

In times like these, brands should be supporting the narrative with positivity, hope and help. When things return back to normal, your customers will remember you were there for them even during the bad times – and that is a strong case for building brand equity.

Being helpful, empathetic and honest are all foundations of Canadian culture. Let’s show the world and ourselves what we’re capable of in times of crisis. If we help each other out, we’ll come out the other end stronger than before.
Stay healthy everyone.

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