Joseph Wong

Helping your brand find its voice through creative and effective copywriting.

Over 35 world-class agencies and brands have trusted me to deliver high quality copy, including Cathay Pacific, Wynn Resorts, HKIA, and IKEA.

Supercharging your brand with content that skyrockets your CTRs and ROI.

Over 35 brands in different sectors such as EV charging, SaaS and mobile app companies have trusted me to deliver high-converting copy.

Reinvigorating your brand with narratives that motivate, influence and persuade.

I’ve transformed over 35 brands into worlds of wonder, radiance and allure through the power of storytelling in copywriting.

You’ve got the million-dollar idea, I’ve got the words and the story. Let’s talk.

Let’s face it, writing is hard. Writing well is even harder. Putting the pen on the paper is something everyone struggles with.

Brewing brilliance into your brand story with a sprinkle of magic, and a whole lot of creativity.

I'm not a magician and I can't make things fly, but I've helped over 35 world-class brands tell their stories in imaginative ways using my pencil.

Choose your character

If you’re here, you’re probably a brand or an ad agency looking for copywriting help in Hong Kong. Go on, choose the character that best fits you!


Account Director

Your clients are constantly pressuring you to provide more creative copy for those pesky social media posts but you just don’t have the talent in-house.



You thought you could write it yourself but realize you’re having trouble pitching your story everywhere. You also don’t have much time either.


Marketing Director

You’ve got some collateral that you need help with on a short-term basis and your underling isn’t writing them the way you want it to be. You need help.

The work

Here is a small selection of the work I’m proud of. If you’re looking for specific examples of a sector or medium, please contact me.

Like the work? Send me an email to learn more about how I can help you.

freelance copywriter services

Here are my main specialties in addition to my copywriting services. From branding and content writing to website and social media copy, get content that works.


Words that work. I take the essence of your brand values and distill it into beautiful words your audiences resonate with.

Social Media

Stay on the pulse. I craft strategies and content plans that get your brand on the map, so your customers remember you.


Your brand starts here. I work with a team to craft your brand including visual identity, brand messaging and more.


Learn the why. Your customers have motivations and desires. I help you uncover these through strategy and research.

Data and Analytics

Crunch the numbers. Learn what types of content perform best across different mediums and how to improve them.

Brand Campaigns

Make a splash. Brand campaigns that build brand equity to make noise in the market, paired with creative ideas.

Brand Experience


This is where I write about my thoughts in the advertising and marketing. I write from my personal experiences in copywriting, and hope you find them valuable.

It goes without saying that COVID-19 has a profound impact on all of our lives. Brands are scrambling left and right to allocate resources, maintain order and communicate with their customers ...

I know, it's tough. As valued member of your advertising agency's account servicing team - we've all been there. The client made a request, and there's pressure to get the job delivered ASAP. You're not a native English speaker ...

It goes without saying that COVID-19 has a profound impact on all of our lives. Brands are scrambling left and right to allocate resources, maintain order and communicate with their customers ...



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